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The book has the title HTML5 Web Application Development By Example – Beginner’s Guide and it is exactly what it states. The book covers the main HTML5 elements and the Read More

With the new HTML5 reference there is an API defined for managing a so called Web Storage, which is broken down into two main parts, sessionStorage and localStorage. I will Read More

I’ve volunteered to write a review for this book, so I got a copy from Packt Publishing. I have to admit I have never read a book from Pack Publishing Read More

I continued the implementation of linux commands with the help of node.js. This time I’ve choosen the wc command. You can see the code below, it is a really small program. It Read More

I started learning Node.js, I consider this platform will be a widely used one and will have a great success in the near future. I know, many start-ups and larger Read More

I read an interesting thread on CodeProject, one of the members was asking which language should he learn, PHP or Ruby? I think this is an interesting question from a Read More

I’m starting to get familiar with Node.js and I can say that I really like the idea of having JavaScript on the server-side. I thought to re-implement some of the commands and Read More