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So this month I decided that it would be a good idea to buy myself a gift, because I work hard right? Well after thinking of what to get , Read More

I read an interesting thread on CodeProject, one of the members was asking which language should he learn, PHP or Ruby? I think this is an interesting question from a Read More

There we were, at the second day of the rampconf event in Budapest. All I can say, well done organizers! On the second day, there were fewer presentations but all Read More

I would like to share with you my impressions about the first day of the RAMPCONF. I would like to remark, these are my opinions and this is not a Read More

Thanks to my employer I will attend the RAMPCONF in Budapest on 11-12 July, 2013. I can hardly wait to see all the presenters from successful companies. There will be Read More

This page will contain the resources which I have been using for studying Windows 8 application development. The resources will target a large area; application design, technical resources, books, tutorial Read More

Hi, I welcome you to my first website and blog. I will post tech related thoughts, samples, code recipes and all other stuff which I’m interested in. See you soon Read More