I’ve volunteered to write a review for this book, so I got a copy from Packt Publishing. I have to admit I have never read a book from Pack Publishing before and I’m happy this was the first book which I have from them and Iā€™m sure it is not the last one šŸ™‚

I was very curious about the book, its content, its structure, because I have experience with Kendo UI toolkit and I’ve used it in several projects I have a more critical view. I think, the Kendo UI is a great toolkit which can make you productive in no time and what is more important it has an easy learning curve, so you will not have to study days before you can use some of the controls from the toolkit.

The book has a great structure, it explains the details of the Kendo UI Grid component starting from the basic functionality and increasing the complexity of examples as you get to the end of the book.

I’m a more practical guy and I really like if a book has examples, I liked this book even more, because it has only examples and short explanations; by this, it really forces you to type in the code and resolve every exercise, if you want to have complete understanding of the presented concepts.

The provided code examples are simple enough to be easily understood but in the same time complex enough to present the full features of the Kendo UI Grid.

As I was flipping and reading the book, I noticed on thing I’m missing…images. There is no image of a Kendo UI Grid. I think at least one image would have been useful at the beginning of the book or when presenting more complex features, like grouping or inline editing. The images help the readers to see their target, to see what they want to achieve before trying the code out.

Overall, I think the book is great, it has a lot of useful examples. The book is an ideal start to learn the Kendo UI Grid.


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